London’s Little Jazz Duo are the jazz duo line up of London’s Little Jazz Band.  The duo line up is perfect for more intimate, relaxed events, providing an elegant ambience to a meal or drinks reception.  The pared down nature of the duo means the music will never. overpower, but still gives a cool energy to the atmosphere that can make an event just that much more special. Repertoire can range from Jazz standards to R&B, Soul and Pop, all performed with a sensitivity to match the occasion.

This line up can also be made into a trio by adding Double Bass. This retains the laid back nature of the performance but adds a little extra groove and fullness, and allows more improvisation to happen – also nothing screams out ‘Jazz’ more than the sight of a double bass!

London’s Little Jazz Band are a group of musicians who have played together and for years, building an undeniable musical chemistry. This group of musicians share the capacity to feel at home in different musical styles, and members of the group have performed with a wide range of artists including Madeleine Peyroux and Lauryn Hill. Experts at cooking up a soulful groove or creating a warm atmosphere for a heartfelt ballad, their Jazz infused approach provides an unmistakable vibe that is the perfect backdrop for Stella’s voice.