The Brass Boys are a 9 piece band that produce an impressive, full and dynamic sound. If you want to create an impact and impress your audience, guests, delegates then quintets or quartets just don’t cut it. You need a big sound that will draw the people in, lift the excitement and get the party started.

The Brass Boys can adapt their repertoire suit your event. They play funk, latin, 2nd line classics, mariachi, jazz & more. Furthermore, on request,The Brass Boys can create special arrangements of tunes for your event e.g. a fanfare, a wedding favourite or a theme song.

The Brass Boys can play the concert stage, festival stage, wedding reception, garden party, birthday party, street event, static or on the move.   
The Brass Boys are an all star band. Each musician is a feature soloist and talented instrumentalist.




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  1. The Brass Boys were totally brilliant. The entertainment and music was the most important aspect of our wedding day to me (aside from actually getting hitched!), and coming from a family of composers/musicians/music lovers, I was concerned that I wouldn’t find the perfect band. I couldn’t have been more impressed with The Brass Boys – they were utterly fantastic, transforming the sunny afternoon into a proper garden party atmosphere. Super talented, fun, brilliant arrangements – an all round stellar performance. Our guests all loved them. Highly recommended. Thank you Brass Boys!

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