Radio Junkies

An amazing party needs amazing music. If you’re planning a party, wedding or corporate event, then you want your guests to have a fantastic time and if your guests don’t stop dancing, they’ll remember your event as being a brilliant party.  Only a live party band like Radio Junkies can give your event a “soundtrack” that keeps your guests dancing away. Featuring experienced musicians; the band will select the songs that keep your guests on the dance floor ALL NIGHT. Whether it’s live music for weddings, live music for parties or live music for corporate events… Radio Junkies can do it all. Over the past decade, Radio Junkies have gained a reputation for creating a euphoric party atmosphere.


Radio Junkies’ repertoire is packed with iconic pop songs – from today back to the 1960s. They are a cover band with a sophisticated edge, and have between five and 10 members. The band can feature male and female lead vocals, saxophone, keyboards, bass, guitar and drums (and more).


Their musicians regularly perform and work with international artists such as Kylie Minogue, Gloria Gaynor, Il Divo, All Saints, Paul Young, Alesha Dixon, George Ezra, Dua Lipa and even  . . . Beyoncé.


Radio Junkies’ charismatic frontman James, brings your event to life and coupled with the stunning vocals of Lorna , they guarantee an exhilarating atmosphere. Their good vibes project from the stage to the dance floor, creating a remarkable party ambience. You’ll find the band friendly, approachable and – above all – professional. Radio Junkies have played across the globe and have a reputation for always filling the dance floor.


Radio Junkies have performed at major awards events, celebrity weddings and corporate parties and hope to play for YOU next!